Sky Aviation Academy has partnered with AE Link for its course material.  Oscar Hasan, Managing Partner, stated the relationship was key to building out our online courses.  Sky reviewed many book publishers to find most comprehensive material it could find to convert into its online courses.  After our research was complete, we felt AE Link was the provider of choice.  AE Link material is upto date and meets the necessary ICAO standards for each discipline.  The material is simple in understanding, keeping in mind, the detailed complexity of Aviation Language.  Sky has taken the AE Link hardcopy material and added its Speech Recognition Technology to create the latest in Online Aviation e-learning. 

AE Link Aviation English books were created by Liz Mariner.  AE Link was founded in 2006, in the far reaches of China, where an Aviation English teacher struggled to teach would-be pilot students how to make sense of the indecipherable radio chatter that they would have to learn to communicate with when they went on to flight training. Learning to speak the language of aviation is a challenging enough task for the native English speaker.

AE Link believes that understanding and speaking Aviation English is essential, and not merely to meet the ICAO standard, but to ensure safe flying everywhere. We are in the business of designing training material to help the student obtain a strong foundation in English for aviation.  You can reach AE Link at

Sky Aviation Academy, LLC is a USA based online course developer and provider.  The company develops Voice Recognition Aviation courses.   You can reach Sky Aviation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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